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Tire Solutions for Utility Vehicles


If the terrain is unknown, the conditions are unsure and the only thing you can depend on is your utility vehicle - then you want to depend on Continental industrial tires.

Utility application surfaces include paved or concreted areas as well as dirt, sand, gravel, mud and, to a degree, water or snow. The majority of these surfaces will be covered in some sort of debris or particles.

The equipment and tires used in Utility applications are put under intense use with long runs, loaded and unloaded over a wide variety of surfaces and with varying degrees of speed and load demands. That’s why the tires need to be cut and chunk resistant and guarantee a good traction, to handle particular surfaces or weather conditions. Due to the size of the majority of tires in use as well as the duty cycle, down time must be kept to a minimum, which demands long tread life.

MPT81, MPT80 and MPT70E
Continental MPT81, MPT80, and MPT70E offer exceptionally low rolling resistance, low heat buildup and tubeless capabilities. They also offer excellent traction characteristics on unfinished surfaces when operating in both small and big builder’s yard.