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Tire Solutions for the Freight and Trucking Industry


Whether you are loading full containers or small shipments, Continental industrial tires have the strength and balanced suspension to aid the trucking and freight handling industry.

Our press-on band solid tires perform better than competitors in terms of both rolling resistance and endurance. In fact, in step load tests, Continental tires were able to perform up to 150 kilometers longer at full load than our competitors. Reduced costs over road trucking is the key benefit for intracontinental use. This may be offset by reduced timings for road transport over shorter distances.

Due to the wide range of freight transport there is a very wide range of lift trucks used. There is no “one” application in this segment. There are numerous segments which is the reason for the numerous tire sizes, compounds, tread designs and tire constructions used. That’s why the tires need to be long-living, shock absorbing as well as cut and chunk resistant.

SC20 Mileage+

The Continental SC20 Mileage+ offer low rolling resistance, low heat buildup and a soft ride which protects the driver, load and forklift. The Continental solid tires eliminate the risk of flats and offer extended tread life.


Continental’s RT20 offer extended life over a crossply tire as well as improved driver comfort and greater protection against flat tires. When used with the TSR system immediate flat tires are eliminated. Another advantage of the Continental radials is the substantially reduced rolling resistance over a crossply tire.

Container Master

This tread pattern has been specially developed for Heavy Duty Forklift and Reach stackers, having a wide flat profile and dense tread rubber at centre bar region which offers excellent durability and longer lifetime in severe abrasive conditions.


This tread pattern has a non-directional flat tread profile with dense tread rubber at the center bar region, which provides resistance to foreign object damage and excellent wear on abrasive surfaces.


A deep tread Lug pattern designed for longer tread life when working on abrasive surfaces. Thicker tread rubber minimizes punctures by foreign objects. Suitable for any wheel position.


This tread pattern has a modern deep tread profile designed for heavy duty Container Handling applications, offering longer lifetime and excellent resistance to foreign object damage. Especially suitable for Reach stackers.


A specially designed slick tyre with an industrial compound for longer tread life and maximum resistance to penetration by foreign objects. Suitable for heavy duty constackers and similar mechanical handler in seaports, airports and other industrial operations.