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Heavy Metal

Tire Solutions for Heavy Metal Industries


The heavy weights and the high demands of metal industries mean that a reliable, high load capacity industrial tire is needed. Continental industrial tires for forklifts and other vehicles provide stable operations in a molten world.

Due to the wide range of heavy metal manufacturing in Europe there is a very wide range of lift trucks used. There is no “one” application in this segment: metal production, scrap and recycling, or mining and ore are quite different. That is the reason there are numerous tire sizes, compounds, tread designs and tire constructions used.

Manufacturing locations where the forklifts are used only indoors generally use SC20 Solid tires. Manufacturing locations where the forklifts are used both indoors and outdoors use a blend of solid tires and pneumatics. Well suited for the different applications Continental industrial tires' engineering features allow for reduced operating costs, through technologies such as lowered rolling resistance, ease of maintenance, durable tread compounds and tire constructions and much more.

SC20 Mileage+

The Continental SC20 Mileage+  offers low rolling resistance, low heat buildup and a soft ride which protects the driver, load and forklift. Therewith it’s especially used for Carriers (Slag, Scrap, Slab, and Ladle) and Trailers.


With its non-directional modern flat tread profile, which provides a wider ground contact area due to the optimized tread bar and tread groove design this tire fits especially for Grader, Forklifts and High Stacker.


This tread pattern has a non-directional flat tread profile with dense tread rubber at the center bar region, which provides resistance to foreign object damage and excellent wear on abrasive surfaces. Because of these benefits the SE132 suits especially for Articulated Dump Trucks and Dump Trucks, Forklifts and High Stacker, Carriers (Slag, Scrap, Slab, and Ladle).


The crossply construction of this tire offers high cut resistance, excellent stability and protection against damage. The extra deep tread in a flatter tread profile offers efficient weight distribution for maximum tread life. Therewith it’s the perfect tire for Loaders used in heavy metal industries.


This tread pattern has a modern deep tread profile, offering longer lifetime and excellent resistance to foreign object damage. It’s especially suitable for Articulated Dump Trucks, Dump Trucks as well as Forklifts and High Stacker.


The extra deep tread with a very flat profile and opposing cross grooves offer efficient load distribution and excellent traction. The tread rubber is compounded for maximum resistance to cut and abrasion. Therewith it especially suits for Articulated Dump Trucks and also for Loaders.

Container Master

This tread pattern has been specially developed for Forklifts and High Stacker, having a wide flat profile and dense tread rubber at centre bar region which offers excellent durability and longer lifetime in severe abrasive conditions.